5STAR eCorridors – Federation, Interoperability and Verification of Electronic data sharing in multimodal Sea/Truck/Air/Rail logistics in eCorridors

5STAR eCorridors EDIH promotes advanced digital technologies (AI, blockchain, AR/VR, big data, 5G, Additive Manufacturing, etc.) and more effective use and sharing of data in Finnish SMEs and midcaps operating in maritime industry, sea/truck/air/rail transportation and logistics, and in related manufacturing and service industries. The target is efficient and sustainable multimodal logistics and well-functioning export routes that are essential for the Finnish competitiveness and societal well-being.

Through EDIH, companies gain competences that enhance innovation and speed up time-to-market and time-to-money. It offers competence development, access to test facilities, support to finding investments and external funding, and access to relevant innovation networks and ecosystems. Service providers include both private companies and academic organizations.

EDIH has strong industrial base that builds on the strengths of One Sea and CaaS Nordic ecosystems. It is coordinated by DIMECC Oy.