One Sea gathers key players of the marine industry in an ecosystem that speeds up the development process by bringing innovations to market faster. The aim of launching this collaboration for an autonomous ships ecosystem in 2025 is carried out by joining the efforts of pioneering marine and technology suppliers, shipyards and ship owners as well as those of research organizations in a large co-creation ecosystem.

Intelligent technologies and artificial intelligence can create added value to the marine industry by automating and optimizing costly features. Digitalization will enter all fields of industry in the near future and it is a great opportunity for the marine industry to grow through new innovations. Early adopters will get clear benefits simply by being the first ones on the market to optimize their operations and ships.

For a ship owner, a new ship is always a major investment and the technology choices of the new ship play a key role in driving business benefits. The supplier companies in the ecosystem are leading actors in the market and have the power to redefine the technologies that will attract the shipyards and ship owners and give a clear competitive edge to the ship owner’s business.

Shipyards offering suppliers’ intelligent solutions will be in the frontline in building the next marine industry era, which is digital in all senses from ports to cargo handling to ships. By offering the newest technologies, shipyards will help their customers grow as well as ensure their own market position in the future.

One Sea seeks global members to join the research collaboration. One Sea aims to create a new industrial standard for marine traffic and to lead the way towards an active commercial autonomous ships ecosystem by 2025. The digitalization of marine traffic will create new opportunities for the whole marine industry and pave the way for new business ventures and models, spanning commercial and passenger traffic to raw material freight and cargo handling.