Advisory Board

Jukka Heikkilä – University of Turku
Jukka ’Jups’ Heikkilä is Professor of Information Systems Science at Turku School of Economics of the University of Turku.

Jups recent research interests are related with business modelling, enterprise architecture, consumer behavior in cyberspace, work informatics.


Kalevi Huhtala – Tampere University of Technology
Professor Kalevi Huhtala is currently Head of Laboratory of Automation and Hydraulic engineering in Tampere University of technology. Laboratory has eight professors and total staff of 100. His professorship is in Mobile hydraulics.

His main research interests are autonomous machines, diesel engine hydraulics and predictive analytics.


Kalle Kantola – VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
Professor Kalle Kantola works as a Vice President, Research in VTT’s Smart Industry and Energy Systems Business area. The aim of the business area is to pave the way for the future by developing new smart technologies, profitable solutions and innovation services for customers all over the world.

Kalle has a wide experience in innovation management in the field of industry digitalization. He has worked as a EVP, Strategy at DIMECC Oy being responsible of the novel innovation and joint digitalization strategy creation for the industry and as a CTO of FIMECC Oy being responsible of the FIMECC’s strategic R&D portfolio operations related strategic research agenda creation. Kalle has also worked as a IT Strategy consultant at Accenture with various roles in strategy consulting around IT and business development.


Paavo Kojonen – Navidom
Navidom Oy:n toimitusjohtaja, merikapteeni. Tankkilaivoilla seilaamisen jälkeen olin kehittämässä merenkulun IT järjestelmiä ABB:lla ja Napalla. Välissä ehdin olla muutaman vuoden olin Nesteellä henkilöstötehtävissä. Nyt huolehdimme Navidomilla seitsemästä Suomen lipun alla seilavista säiliöaluksista ja kolmesta hinaajasta.


Ari Nissinen – Insta Airhow
Ari Nissinen (Dr. Tech) has a background in software engineering and control engineering. He has a long experience with different training simulators, both for manned and unmanned aircraft systems. Ari has been working in the field of unmanned aviation since 2005, contributing to FDF technology programs, technology transfer programs and RPAS simulation development. Currently he is working for Insta Oy as a development manager, responsible for the development and sales of RPAS training products and services.


Tero Ojanperä – Silo.AI
Tero Ojanperä is the CEO and Co-Founder of Silo.AI. The company creates AI services that bring competitive edge to its clients. Prior to Silo.AI, Tero Co-Founded Visionplus venture Fund and served at Nokia as CTO, Chief Strategy Officer and Head of Research. Ojanperä is a well-known business influencer in the Nordics and has served in boards, including Veikkaus, Bittium, Tampere University of Technology and DNA. He holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering and was listed as the 7th most creative person in business in 2009 by the Fast Company.


Tom Pippingsköld – Finnlines
Tom Pippingsköld is Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and a member of the Executive Committee of Finnlines Group, managing the financial strategy and operations of a Company with more than 1,600 employees and total revenue close to EUR 500 million. He has been working in Finnlines since 2013. He has an extensive experience in financial management, risk management, treasury operations, strategy implementation and business development and he has previously been employed in energy sector, in project finance and in investment banking both in Finland and abroad.


Riku Pulli – Sandvik
Riku Pulli leads a Business Unit Automation at Sandvik. He has been part of the team that developed autonomous mining equipment technology (AutoMine) since 1998 and is currently responsible for leading the resulted business. Digitalization and automation in various industrial applications is his passion alongside with technology business development for global markets.


Henrik Ringbom – Åbo Akademi
Dr Henrik Ringbom is Professor II (part-time) at the Scandinavian Institute of Maritime Law at the University of Oslo and Adjunct Professor at the Åbo Akademi University in Turku/Finland.

He participates in the AAWA and D4Value research projects. Member of the Norwegian Forum for Autonomous Shipping and the Comité Maritime International’s international working group on autonomous ships.


Kari Saari – LVM
Kari Saari on toiminut vuodesta 1983 lähtien liikenne- ja viestintäministeriössä liikenteen säädösten ja YK/EU -asioiden hoitoon liittyvissä tehtävissä. Nykyisessä toimenkuvassaan liikenneneuvoksena Tietoliiketoimintayksikössä hän toimii erityisesti robotisaatio ja automatisaatio meriliikenteessä ja ajoneuvojen automatisaatioon liittyvillä toimialoilla.


Captain Mikael Ström – Royal Caribbean Cruises Limited
Graduated as Master Mariner on 1992. Since then been sailing on cruise ferriers and on big cruise ships in various deck officer positions up to Master, until 2005 when joined Royal Caribbean’s  Newbuilding Team in Turku.

Present work includes for example participation with creating concepts and design, participation for commissioning etc. and acceptance from owner’s side, for navigation systems and bridge layouts for very big cruise ship new buildings for RCL Brands built in Europe.


Jorma Timonen – LiVi
Jorma Timonen has been working since 2012 at Finnish Transport Agency (FTA) in various tasks e.g. planning and coordination of preparedness actions of all maritime actors within the FTA and various tasks related to risk management and also development of premises of rail, road and maritime traffic centres of the FTA. In 2016 it was time to return slightly closer to maritime business and he joined the team which works with project called “Intelligent fairway”. Currently main task is to lead testbed work of that team.


Tiina Tuurnala – Suomen varustamot
Managing Director of the Finnish Shipowners’ Association as of 1 April 2017.

Tiina began her career in the field of hydrography with the Finnish Maritime Administration. In 2010 she was appointed Development Director of the Finnish Transport Agency. In 2011 Tiina was appointed Deputy Director General and she was responsible for national traffic management (road, maritime, rail), icebreaking services, hydrographic surveys and functions related to the development of digitisation, automatisation and intelligent traffic.

In 1998 she graduated with a MSc. (Engineering)  from the Helsinki University of Technology majoring in geographic information technologies.

Tiina has extensive experience with national and international representation, including e.g. Finnish Meteorological Institute, Advisory Board Member 2012-2017; Finnish Lifeboat Institution, Board Member 2016 –  and IALA Council Member 2013-2017.

Mikko Viljainen – Merivoimat

Senior research scientist Lieutenant, Senior Grade (eng.)
Finnish Navy / Naval Academy


Kim Wikström – PBI
Kim Wikström is professor in Industrial Management at Åbo Akademi University. He is also founder and senior partner of PBI Research Institute. He was visiting professor at Stanford University in 2013.

His expertise are: 1) industrial logic and value creation 2) supra organizational strategies and 3) project financing in industrial investments in energy and transportation.


Arto Visala – Aalto

Arto Visala is professor in automation and robotics at Aalto University. He is the head of Autonomous Systems research group of Electrical Engineering and Automation (EEA) Department, ELEC School. His expertise covers methods in autonomous systems: 1) Machine perception, modelling of environment for control, 2) Estimation and sensor fusion, 3) Path planning and navigation, motion control, 4) Standard networks and control systems in vehicle automation, 4) Human-Machine Interface HMI