Jaakonmeri Test Area

Autonomous vessels are evolving rapidly and will be coming part of everyday maritime operations in relatively near future. Thorough testing in authentic sea conditions is critical to ensure the functionality of systems and technology and to guarantee the required safety and reliability requirements for the autonomous vessels of the future.

Jaakonmeri test area is open to all companies, research institutes and others wishing to test autonomous maritime traffic, vessels, or technologies related to it.

The test area is located in coastal area of Finland. The longest side of the area to the north is approximately 17.85 km long and the western side is approximately 7.10 km long. The area is open water and offers opportunities to test also in ice conditions during the winter. The coordinates of the test area are:

The test area will have excellent data connectivity available. DIMECC will offer the connectivity through their partners. The connectivity services will be developed incrementally and the plan is also to offer other services to enhance the test experience.

About Jaakonmeri test area

The test area is named after Dr. Jaakko Talvitie, who contributed to the creation of this historical  the first ever internationally open maritime test area until his untimely passing away.